Published: March 7, 2014

The Brain Scoop

Your front-row seat to stories of collections, research, and people at the Field.

Hands-on with science

Go behind the scenes with The Brain Scoop, our educational YouTube channel. Dig into the discoveries we're making both inside our walls and across the world.

Each video brings you along for a new journey into natural history, from interviews with scientists and tours of collections, to expeditions and deep dives into the nitty-gritty work of preparing museum specimens.

Featured videos

  • The Brain Scoop: The Taxonomy of Candy

    Scientists use a system called taxonomy to group and categorize living things. What happens when you try to apply taxonomy to candy?

  • The Brain Scoop: Tully Monster Mystery Solved!

    Learn how researchers discovered the Tully Monster, long believed to be an invertebrate (similar to worms), is actually a vertebrate and more closely related to fish.

  • The Brain Scoop: Glow Rocks

    It's a GLOW ROCK DANCE PARTY! This video is best watched in the dark!

About The Brain Scoop

In 2013, as a volunteer at a zoological museum in Montana, Emily Graslie created and launched The Brain Scoop together with YouTube educator Hank Green. A few months later, the series moved to the Field with Emily taking on the role of Chief Curiosity Correspondent. In her nearly eight years at the Field, Emily explored Kenyan bat caves and Peruvian waterways; dissected ants, squirrels, and wolves; and dove into subject matter from candy taxonomy to our own mortality. Emily left the Field at the end of 2020, and we're grateful for the enthusiasm, passion, dedication, and (of course!) endless curiosity that she shared. You can continue enjoying all 200+ episodes of The Brain Scoop on YouTube.